1. gitp

    Today I deployed gitp, my first Sublime Text plugin—and the first thing I’ve written for actual real-world use.


    Let’s start with git. This very popular version control system, beloved by many, backbone of Github, and de facto standard at Hacker School, can do a lot of ...

  2. Mitaines

    In French Canada, according to Pagat.com, there’s a game called Mitaines, which means “Mittens” in French. I’m not sure when I first heard about this game, but it stuck with me. I couldn’t fathom, judging from the rules, how it was played, but I knew that ...

  3. Abba

    My first major project at Hacker School is called Abba, the Abbreviation Engine. In order to understand why Abba exists I need to backtrack a little.

    The New Abbreviations

    Since around 2006 I have written in an alphabetic shorthand that I call (when I have to write about it in ...